Founded in 1998, the Grand Haven based Pigeon
Creek Shakespeare Company is Michigan’s only
year-round, touring, professional Shakespeare
company.  The company was started by Chicago
area actor and director Frank Farrell, who appeared
several times as guest artist with the Grand Valley
Shakespeare Festival, and a group of West Michigan
actors, including current executive director Katherine
Mayberry.  From 1998-2007, Pigeon Creek produced
plays outdoors in the Ottawa County Parks during the
summer months.  In 2008, the company expanded to
performing throughout the year, and currently
produces 4 mainstage plays per season, as well as
numerous staged readings, performances of
Shakespearean scenes, and educational programs.  
Pigeon Creek’s current board includes several GVSU
alumni, and maintains strong ties with the Grand
Valley Shakespeare Festival.

    Each of the company’s productions tours to at
least 4 venues within the state of Michigan, and
Pigeon Creek has also been invited to tour to venues
in Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, and New York.  The company
has a performance style based on the staging
practices of Shakespeare’s own lifetime, and
influenced by the current Original Practices movement
in the performance of Shakespeare’s plays. Pigeon
Creek’s audience members experience a lively,
interactive theatre experience, with live musical
interludes, cross-gendered casting, and characters
speaking directly to the audience.

    Audience members and critics alike rave about the
company’s performances.  A recent audience
member posted on Google Places after viewing
Pigeon Creek’s production of
Hamlet: “While it takes
a lot to impress me, I was utterly thunderstruck by the
sheer brilliance and talent in this company! I have
seen a lot of Shakespeare but have never been swept
up and carried off with it like that because it was alive!
If you are into big show-off productions with lots of
loud music, garish stage settings, and distracting
costumery and props, this isn't for you, and frankly,
their acting doesn't need to hide behind superfluous
bells and whistles that appeal to the uninitiated. If you
prefer to savor Shakespeare on the strength of pure
acting talent, a deep understanding of the literature,
an incredible finesse with the language (their
cadence, emphasis, enunciation of Shakespearian
English made it sound ‘natural’) and impeccable
timing and synergy between the actors, then GO to
the very next performance by this company at this

    Bridgette Redman, reviewer for Encore Michigan,
wrote of a recent production, “There is a playfulness
about Pigeon Creek's production that makes it
accessible. All of the performers are skilled at
engaging the audience and bringing them into the
action of the play, either through the simple act of eye
contact, or by actually sitting next to them and talking
to them throughout the show. There is a familiarity and
ease with the language that all of the players have,
and they make the eliciting of smiles from the
audience seem effortless throughout the entire show.”
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the Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company
Katherine Mayberry as Viola in
Twelfth Night
(photo by Tim Motley)
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