Portia - Kathleen Bode
Bassanio - John Wier
Shylock - Joel L. Schindlbeck
Jessica/Solanio - Sarah Stark
Launcelot/Prince of Aragon - Brooke Heintz
Antonio/Tubal - Steven Schwall
Lorenzo - Tony Myers
Gratiano - Kat Hermes
Nerissa/Old Gobbo - Claire Mahave
Salerio - Janna Rosenkranz
Prince of Morocco/Duke of Venice - Arielle Leverett
Selection of Images
The Merchant of Venice
Winter 2011

Beardsley Theater - March 28, 2011
C3 Exchange - April 9 - 12, 2011
Dog Story Theater - April 16-24, 2011
the Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company
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Michigan's only year-round, touring Shakespeare company
John Wier and Joel L. Schindlbeck
as Bassanio and Shylock.

C3 Exchange

Shylock conceives the forfeiture of a
pound of flesh.

(photo by Michael Empson)
Sarah Stark and Brooke Heintz as
Jessica and Launcelot Gobbo.

C3 Exchange

Launcelot teases Jessica, telling her
that she is simply damned for being
a Jew's daughter.

(photo by Michael Empson)
Steven Schwall, Joel L. Schindlbeck,
Kathleen Bode and Claire Mahave
as Antonio, Shylock, Portia (in
disguise) and Nerissa (in disguise.)

C3 Exchange

The finer details of the bond are
discussed in court, with no surgeons

(photo by Michael Empson)
Kathleen Bode and Claire Mahave
as Portia and Nerissa

C3 Exchange

The tricky ladies feign comiseration
at their husband's loss of rings.

(photo by Michael Empson)
copyright 2012.