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In My Mind's Eye with Kerissa Bradley

Introducing Kerissa Bradley! Troilus and Cressida is Kerissa’s first production with PCSC, so she’s answering round one of our Acting Questions.

1) How do you typically go about preparing a Shakespearean character?

When I am preparing a Shakespearean character I do research on the actual people. I look for what status they were, how some artists portray them, and what they are most known for in history. I also go through the script and write down how other people describe my character. If the character was made up, I go through the script and see what other character’s say about my character and then choose two animal qualities to incorporate into my character.

2) What do you find to be the most helpful part of PCSC’s standard rehearsal process?

What I find most helpful about PCSC’s standard rehearsal process is the text work. It was really helpful to break down each scene into beats and paraphrase the lines, it made the scene more clear and the beat changes became more distinct.

3) What do you do for fun outside of theatre?

Outside of theatre I like to make jewelry, hang out with friends, and go swimming in Holland.

4) What is your day job? What do you want to be your day job?

I work at the Gerald R Ford Presidential Museum as a visitor service associate. I want my day job to be acting and doing the public relations work for a theatre.

5) What theatre plans do you have in the next couple months?

I will be in Much Ado About Nothing at GVSU in the fall.

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