The Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company
Based in Grand Haven, Michigan, the Pigeon
Creek Shakespeare Company seeks to offer
performances of Shakespeare's works to
Michigan audiences in a variety of non-traditional
theatre venues.  

Pigeon Creek Shakespeare employs techniques
of theatrical performance such as universal
lighting and audience contact to adapt its
productions to multiple performance venues, and
to actively engage audience members in

The company's goals are to explore the original
theatrical practices of the acting companies of
Shakespeare's time; to provide high quality
productions of works by Shakespeare and his
contemporaries to regional theatre audiences; to
provide local actors, directors, and stage
managers the opportunity to work with these
wonderful scripts and to receive training in an
original practice approach to Shakespeare's
plays; and to maintain an organizational
philosophy in which theatre practitioners
participate in the administration of the company
on a regular basis.
Our Mission Statement
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What our audiences
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An audience member left this
review on Google Places:

Bring on raw talent and spare me
the tinsel! I was treated to a world
class performance of Hamlet on
April 24, 2010 at Dog Story
Theater, presented by the Pigeon
Creek Shakespeare Company.
While it takes a lot to impress me, I
was utterly thunderstruck by the
sheer brilliance and talent in this
company! I have seen a lot of
Shakespeare but have never
been swept up and carried off with
it like that because it was alive! If
you are into big show-off
productions with lots of loud
music, garish stage settings, and
distracting costumery and props,
this isn't for you, and frankly, their
acting doesn't need to hide behind
superfluous bells and whistles that
appeal to the uninitiated. If you
prefer to savor Shakespeare on
the strength of pure acting talent,
a deep understanding of the
literature, an incredible finesse
with the language (their cadence,
emphasis, enunciation of
Shakespearian English made it
sound "natural") and impeccable
timing and synergy between the
actors, then GO to the very next
performance by this company at
this theater. You owe it to yourself
if you are a true aficionado of
Shakespeare and good literature.
I have eclectic taste in cultural
events but I appreciate anything
that is well done. This is theater
well done!
Michigan's only year-round, touring Shakespeare company
And our reviewers as well!

"There is a playfulness about Pigeon Creek's
production that makes it accessible. All of the
performers are skilled at engaging the
audience and bringing them into the action of
the play, either through the simple act of eye
contact, or by actually sitting next to them and
talking to them throughout the show. There is
a familiarity and ease with the language that
all of the players have, and they make the
eliciting of smiles from the audience seem
effortless throughout the entire show."

Bridgette M. Redman
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