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The Pigeon Creek Shakespeare company is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization.  Ticket revenue from our productions only accounts for a portion of our operating budget.  The following Individuals and Organizations have helped Pigeon Creek continue to perform, produce, and educate through monetary donations or gifts of goods and services.  Thank you to all who have given and continue to support Pigeon Creek Shakespeare.


For Information on how you can support The Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company, check out our Support Us page.

Season Sponsors

  • Anthony Delsener

  • Ruth and Steve Grant

  • Karen and Ken Lange

  • Roz and Robert Mayberry

  • In Memory of Jo and Adrian Srb

  • Anonymous

Donations of Goods and Services

  • Rich Meyette - Photography

  • Wayward Bird Studios - Photography

  • Spotlight Dance Academy - Rehearsal Space

  • Plymouth United Church of Christ - Rehearsal Space

  • Brad Sytsma - Web Design

  • Christine Persak

Our Donors

  • Anonymous

  • Lauren Wright Battacharya

  • Adam Bell

  • Trinity Bird

  • Lisa Bougher

  • Kathleen Bode

  • Cassandra Chance

  • Alan Cohen

  • Tom Cornell

  • Gretchen Fields

  • Kevin Finley

  • TJ French

  • Luke Geockner

  • Gavin Goetz

  • Taleah Greve

  • Francine and Tom Harryman

  • Brooke Heintz

  • Karen Hill

  • Aili Huber

  • Megan Inbody

  • Karen Libman and Mitch Kachun

  • Ray Kail

  • Marie Lowe

  • Katherine Mayberry and Scott Lange

  • Betty Meyette

  • Amber Miller

  • Gary Moore

  • Grant Mudge

  • Leslie Newman

  • Ashley Normand

  • John Peterson

  • Bill Place

  • David Hast and Diane Rayor

  • Katie Robbins

  • Barbara Roldan

  • Janna Rosenkranz

  • Steven Schwall

  • Kelsey Spoelman

  • Sharon and Richard Tanis

  • Diane Tilmann

  • Kathy Toth

  • Riley VanEss

  • Reed VanderSlik

  • Scott Wright

  • Steven Douglas Wright



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