Please note that different venues make tickets available at different times.  Tickets may not yet be available for some performances.  In addition, some venues may not yet have set performance times.  Ticket links for our current production will be at the ON STAGE page, and we will update those links as venues make the tickets available.

Announcement Regarding COVID-19 Precautions:

Due to COVID-19 related precautions in the state of Michigan, we will be postponing our spring production of Macbeth and our summer production of Love's Labour's Lost until the 2021 season.  If theatre productions are able to happen safely at that time, the productions will take place in the same schedule slots next year, and Macbeth will include high school matinees.  We will evaluate plans for our fall production of Measure for Measure as we get closer to the time that we would begin rehearsals.

We were originally scheduled to perform at the Rose theatre at the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp on May 30 and August 22, 2020.  The May 30 performance will not take place.  We may reschedule the August performance for an early fall date, however we will have to make a decision about that performance going forward when we are closer to the date.

This summer, we will have a selection of online programming available for our audiences.  We are very excited to be able to connect you with our actors.  Please see below for upcoming online programming.  Thank you to all of our audience members who have contributed to our efforts to create new programming. If you are looking for a Shakespeare fix, please visit our Youtube channel here.  You will find monologue recordings from many of our actors, as well as the complete Romeo and Juliet from our 2019 season, and production vlogs.

Special Events

Along with our season productions listed above, Pigeon Creek frequently does special events, such as one-time performances and community outreach appearances.  For a list of upcoming special events, please click here.

Upcoming Digital Programming, Summer 2020

A King and No King

Available beginning June 20

Written by Shakespeare's contemporaries Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher, A King and No King follows the fortunes of rival kings Arbaces and Tigranes.  When Arbaces captures Tigranes in battle in the kingdom of Armenia and takes him as a prisoner back to Arbaces' native Iberia, intending to force him to marry Arbaces' sister Penthea, various political and romantic schemes are set in motion.  This play is an excellent example of the tragicomic genre favored by Beaumont and Fletcher, two of the most prolific playwrights of early modern England.  Pigeon Creek's digital performance features an all-female cast taking on this exciting play, including actors Kathleen Bode, Jacqueline Frid, Brooke Heintz, Kat Hermes, Maggie Hinckley, Kimi Griggs, Katherine Mayberry, Ashley Normand, Sarah Stark, Brie Roper, and Seraphina Zorn.