Please note that different venues make tickets available at different times.  Tickets may not yet be available for some performances.  In addition, some venues may not yet have set performance times.  Ticket links for our current production will be at the ON STAGE page, and we will update those links as venues make the tickets available.

Announcement Regarding COVID-19 Precautions:

Due to COVID-19 related precautions in the state of Michigan, we will be postponing our spring production of Macbeth, our summer production of Love's Labour's Lost, and our fall production of Measure for Measure until the 2021 season.  If theatre productions are able to happen safely at that time, the productions will take place in the same schedule slots next year, and Macbeth will include high school matinees. 

We were originally scheduled to perform at the Rose theatre at the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp on May 30 and August 22, 2020.  Because of current state regulations and safety concerns, these performances will not take place.  We hope to perform the plays originally selected for this summer, The Winter's Tale and King Lear, next summer at the Rose.

This summer, we will have a selection of online programming available for our audiences.  We are very excited to be able to connect you with our actors.  Please see below for upcoming online programming.  Thank you to all of our audience members who have contributed to our efforts to create new programming. If you are looking for a Shakespeare fix, please visit our Youtube channel HERE You will find monologue recordings from many of our actors, as well as the complete Romeo and Juliet from our 2019 season, production vlogs, and summer 2020 virtual programming.  For a description of the virtual programs we have released, please page down and see descriptions below.

Digital Programming, 2020 Season -- digital programming is available on our Youtube Channel.

Measure for Measure Staged Reading

Presented in partnership with the Sauk theatre in Jonesville, this online staged reading will be available on our Youtube channel starting on November 21.  This reading gives viewers a chance to experience Shakespeare's Measure for Measure, which we will perform in a full production in Fall 2021.  The cast features actors Chaz Albright, Kathleen Bode, Michael Dodge, Kimi Griggs, Kat Hermes, Scott Lange, Katherine Mayberry, Ashley Normand, Brie Roper, Riley Van Ess, and Seraphina Zorn.  Direction is by Aili Huber.

A Twelfth Night Murder, or Is The Knot Too Tight?  

This brand new, original radio play by David Taylor Little follows the adventures of director Arlo Whittaker as he directs a regional theatre production of Twelfth Night and stumbles across a murder.  This play was commissioned by Pigeon Creek and features performances by Kathleen Bode, Michael Dodge, Kat Hermes, Scott Lange, David Taylor Little, Katherine Mayberry, Eric Orive, Sarah Stark, Riley Frederick Van Ess, Scott Wright, and Seraphina Zorn. 

This performance is a Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company benefit production on behalf of Blue Lake Public Radio, 88.9 Grand Rapids and 90.3 Muskegon/The Lakeshore, West Michigan’s “Voice of the Arts.”  Blue Lake Public Radio is a listener-supported station.  Your financial support is important.  Please make your contribution now at www.bluelake.org/pledge or text-to-donate lovebluelake to 44321.

The recording of this production will be available on our Youtube Channel beginning on September 4 HERE.

A King and No King

The Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company presents a virtual staged reading of A King and No King by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher.  


Please note that this play contains content that may not be suitable for audience members 12 and under.  Please read the synopsis of the play to help in making your decision about which family members should watch the reading.


This production features actors Kathleen Bode, Cassandra Chance, Kimi Griggs, Brooke Heintz, Kat Hermes, Maggie Hinckley, Katherine Mayberry, Ashley Normand, Brie Roper, and Sarah Stark.  Scott Lange reads the stage directions.  Video editing is by Kat Hermes, and the production features original music by Georgia Hertz.

What happens in the play?


At the beginning of the play, King Arbaces of Iberia has recently won a battle in Armenia by defeating the Armenian king, Tigranes, in single combat.

Arbaces takes Tigranes prisoner and orders him transported back to Iberia, where he plans to force Tigranes to marry Panthea, princess of Iberia and Arbaces’ sister, from whom Arbaces has been separated for several years while he has been away at war.


Tigranes is romantically involved with Spaconia, and arranges for her to travel to Iberia to become a lady-in-waiting to Panthea, and thereby help to thwart the forced marriage.  Captain Bessus accompanies Spaconia to Iberia.


Meanwhile, Arbaces receives word that his mother, Arane, has plotted to have him assassinated.  Her motives are mysterious, and Gobrias, a nobleman of the Iberian court, urges mother and son to reconcile.


The two kings arrive in Iberia, where Arbaces is greeted warmly by his people.  He forgives Arane for her plots.  When Panthea arrives to greet her brother, Arbaces at first does not recognize her, and finding himself charmed by her beauty, he insists she is not his sister.  Tigranes, in spite of his vows to Spaconia, falls instantly in love with Panthea.

Enraged with jealously when he sees Tigranes speaking to Panthea, Arbaces orders the Armenian king imprisoned.  Disturbed by his own attraction to Panthea, he then orders Gobrius to lock the princess in her rooms.


Bessus, who has falsely bragged about his accomplishments at war, faces challenges to his honor from dozens of men.  Bacurius declares Bessus a coward and beats him.

Arbaces attempts to make Mardonius, a nobleman in his court, carry messages of love to Panthea.  When Mardonius refuses, Arbaces asks Bessus, who readily agrees.  Disgusted that Bessus would agree to such a request, Arbaces beats him.

Spaconia reveals her true identity to Panthea, who agrees to help her.

Spaconia visits Tigranes in prison.  Tigranes repents his disloyalty to her.  Arbaces accuses Spaconia of carrying letters between Panthea and Tigranes, and orders her imprisoned with him.


Bessus meets with two swordsmen to determine whether his honor has been injured by his recent beatings.

Spaconia’s father, Ligones, arrives from Armenia.

Arbaces struggles with his love for his sister, threatening his own life and that of Gobrias.


Gobrias and Arane reveal a life-long secret.

Special Events

Along with our season productions listed above, Pigeon Creek frequently does special events, such as one-time performances and community outreach appearances.  For a list of upcoming special events, please click here.