Upcoming Auditions

We do not have any currently scheduled auditions.  Please check back for updates!


PCSC Audition Guidelines


1.  An audition is a job interview.  Please dress accordingly.  Please also dress in clothes and shoes that allow you to move.

2.  We require memorized monologues for our auditions (12- 15 lines in length.)  Please take time to prepare your monologue.  No one is good at memorizing Shakespeare the night before an audition!  


3.  Make sure to bring us your headshot and resume.  If you don’t have a professionally taken headshot, bring a clear full-face photo.  If you don’t know what to include in a resume, contact us and ask!


4.  We will ask you to look us in the eye when you do your monologue, because our performance style includes a lot of audience contact.  If this makes a difference in your preparation, please take it into account.


5.  Our productions include live music.  If you sing or play an instrument, come ready to show off your talents.


6.   We do cross-gendered casting and doubling of roles.  Be prepared to read anything, even if you think it’s outside of your range.


7.   Please familiarize yourself with the company before you audition.  Read our company history and performance philosophy on the website.  If at all possible, attend a performance.  We may do Shakespeare in a way that is new to you!  Check the “On Stage” section of our website for opportunities to see shows.  


8.   We are an actor-powered theatre company. Actors make up the board of company administrators, and actors in our casts perform production duties.  We are looking for people with an interest in and willingness to participate in all aspects of theatre production.

9.   Make sure that you bring your calendars and conflicts for the production periods to the audition.  This is very important, since sometimes conflicts factor in casting decisions.

10.   Our company has an existing ensemble of regular company members who act in our productions as part of their role as members of our board or repertory company.  We also do very small casts (the average size being 9 - 11 actors). Please remember that you are auditioning to join our ensemble for these productions, and the laws of probability dictate that not everyone who auditions can be cast.  If you are not cast with us this time around, please return for future auditions.  We love to meet people who are enthusiastic about Shakespeare!

11.   Our casting notices may be unlike others you have experienced in situations like university or community theatre. Because the offer of a role also includes the offer of a paid stipend, we do not publish one cast list, but approach actors individually.  Once all casting offers have been accepted, we contact all auditionees to let them know that casting is complete.

12.   Please come to auditions ready to have fun!  We want you to do well.  The more outstanding auditions we have, the higher quality productions we can put on; So make our job difficult.  See you at auditions!