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The cast of Romeo and Juliet.  Photo by Seraphina Anne Zorn.

Please note: We will not be offering spring 2022 matinees.  Ongoing concerns for Covid safety and staffing difficulties at area schools mean that many of the schools that usually attend our schools matinees are unable to allow field trips to performances.  If you are interested in other potential educational programming, please contact Katherine Mayberry at

What Teachers Are Saying:

"On behalf of my students, I would like to thank you for the incredible experience you provided with your production of Hamlet (HS Matinees 2010). Few of these young theatre-goers had had an opportunity to see Shakespeare performed live, and your fine presentation made a terrific first encounter. I appreciated that admission was low enough to allow students to afford the performance."

Live Performance Enhances Your Students’ Study of Shakespeare!

The Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company’s performance style is lively and interactive, featuring live music, fast-paced action, and actors speaking directly to the audience. Each spring, our company partners with the Frauenthal Center for the Performing Arts to offer schools matinees of our spring production.  Our production will actively engage students in the world of one of Shakespeare's plays, bringing to life the story that many students only encounter on the pages of a book.

The vocal and physical interpretation that actors bring to Shakespeare’s language helps students to gain a greater understanding of Early Modern English.


Pigeon Creek employs performance conditions from Shakespeare’s own time period, including lights up in the audience, actors speaking directly to the audience, actors playing more than one role, and cross-gendered casting. These techniques allow your students to learn about the history of Shakespearean theatre at the same time that they enjoy the play performance.


Interested in classroom workshops?  Download a PDF file of our offerings here.

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