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As You Like It 


"Pigeon Creek puts on good Shakespeare, especially when it comes to the comedies, which is what they do best. As You Like It is a rollicking show that is pure entertainment."  Written by David Kiley for Encore MI, Nov. 12, 2018.

"The production is genuinely funny ... Several times, audience members laughed so hard they might have been at a standup show." Written by John Kissane for Revue, Nov. 11, 2018.
“Antony and Cleopatra” is a love story and Katherine Mayberry and Scott Lange as the titular couple sizzle with tempestuous passion."  Written by Bridgette Redman for Encore MI, July 2018.

"Huber had a very clear story to tell with this “Antony and Cleopatra,” and it was one that was convincing... In her vision, in the hands of Mayberry and Lange, this “Antony and Cleopatra” really does rival any production of “Romeo and Juliet” as a timeless and stunning love story."  Written by Bridgette Redman for Encore MI, July 2018. 


"Pigeon Creek has taken on the challenge of combining three rarely done plays and creating a cohesive story that has something to say to modern audiences. With music and stagecraft, they’ve brought “Henry VI” to life in a compelling fashion." Written by Bridgette Redman for Encore MI, June 20, 2018.

Much Ado About Nothing


"The production, grounded in the text - the actors deliver the scripted humor and the play's physical humor with honed, verse-speaking expertise that lands every joke with clarity." Written by Eric Minton for Shakespeare Canon Project, June 2, 2018.


"Pigeon Creek does its usual creative job making each of these characters come alive. Bragging Cloten, for instance, becomes a bungling comic with Towell’s inventive interpretation. Heintz and Ryan have great chemistry as lovers Imogen and Posthumous, and convincingly portray the grief of loss. But one of the best scenes is Imogen’s well-timed, deadpan confusion at Iachimo’s over-the-top sales pitch. Scott Lange does a good job in the cross-gender role of Queen, adding just enough mannerisms to look female but not exaggerated into a drag queen." Written by David Kiley for Encore MI, August 13, 2017. 

Henry V

"From the boisterous songs that have become a company tradition before each act to the characters sitting down and interacting directly with audience members, the company philosophy seems to be enjoyment." Written by Sue Merrell for Encore MI, June 18, 2017

Titus Andronicus

"Hermes captures well the full range that Andronicus goes through in this show. She is strong when strength is called for, broken when brokenness is called for and deliciously mad when madness settles upon the man who has been called to endure too much." Written by Bridgette Redman for Encore MI, Feb 6, 2017.

"Credit The Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company for having the confidence to trust that the poetry of the Bard, when properly delivered, can paint a picture of a vengeful cruel society." Written by Gordon Bolar for Cultured GR, Feb. 7, 2017.

The Tempest

"The Tempest tossed about Grand Rapids’ intimate Dog Story Theater Friday evening with wily spirits and crazed characters rushing in and out through every possible entrance and the wind-swept audience of about 50 left laughing uncontrollably in its wake." Written by Sue Merrell for Encore MI, April 16, 2016.

"The most successful of the evening was the master himself, Prospero, portrayed by the seasoned Scott Wright. His Prospero was driven in his mission but carried anxiety and responsibility through all his actions that the audience felt his pain and tension throughout.  Still, his love for his daughter, his hope for a better future, and his physical presence throughout was deftly offered by Mr. Wright and every moment was a joy to see of him on stage." Written by Joel Schindlbeck for The Rapidian, April 11, 2016.  

The School For Scandal

"Rumor has it that Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company has put together a playful, interactive production of The School for Scandal.  Believe it." Written by Sue Merrell for Encore MI, June 12, 2016.  

Henry IV

"Pigeon Creek imbues it with energetic fun while doing justice to the powerful, serious scenes." Written by Bridgette Redman for Encore MI, August 13, 2016.

Duchess of Malfi
"Katherine Mayberry’s delivery as the Duchess is largely quiet and underplayed, which works beautifully. She is stoic and self-possessed; her grief is gripping." Written by Marin Heinritz for Encore MI, January 2016. ​
"Every move this fine company makes invites the audience deeper into Webster’s dark poetry, which is ultimately what makes this production so thrilling and deeply moving." Written by Marin Heinritz for Encore MI, January 2016. 

"Focus, instead, is on the words themselves which are delivered with great diction and expressive phrasing, even in the rhyming verse of “Richard II.”

This is definitely Shakespeare in the real world, and as Paramore would say, “Ain’t it Fun?” Written by Sue Merrell for Encore MI, December 2015.

A Midsummer Night's Dream
"A cast of 13 energetic actors turns out the laughs, making the Bard’s romantic comedy thoroughly accessible, understandable and enjoyable." Written by Judith Cookis Rubens
"For some in the (heavily young) audience, it might have been a first taste of Shakespeare. Judging from their enthusiastic reaction, it likely won’t be their last. And that’s kind of the point." Written by Judith Cookis Rubens.
"Everything about this production is designed to entertain and amuse the audience. It is high comedy, and no one in the audience was immune to the invitation to laugh aloud throughout the evening. There are no dull moments nor any struggle to understand the plot, language nor the stakes involved for all of the characters." Written by Bridgette Redman for Encore MI, January 2014. 
“Macbeth” is an oft-told tale done in many different fashions. Pigeon Creek deserves applause for finding a way to infuse it with a new look while never departing from the story or trying to force things into mismatched choices. This “Macbeth” is a solid production that is moving and entertaining. The cast is skilled and all of them are devoted to the ensemble task of bringing Shakespeare to a new generation in a way that is engaging and compelling." Written by Bridgette Redman for Encore MI, April 2013.
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