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As You Like It

February 20-22 2015

Produced at Dog Story Theater in Grand Rapids as part of the 2015 Lake Effect Fringe Festival. This production of As You like it was a "Bard on the Run;" part of Pigeon Creek's ongoing experiement with Shakespearean rehearsal practices. The production rehearsed for 5 days before opening.


Director: The Ensemble


Costumes: Rosalind Srb



Scott Lange Rosalind


Sean Kelly  Celia


Scott Wright  Audrey/Adam


Brad Sytsma  Phoebe


Katherine Mayberry  Duke Fredrick/Silvius


Kat Hermes Jaques


Kate Bode  Orlando


Sarah Stark  Oliver/Second Lord


Janelle Mahlman  Duke Senior


Brie Roper  Amiens


Brooke Heintz First Lord/Jacques de Boys


Kate Tubbs  Touchstone

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