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In My Mind's Eye with Chaz Bratton and Owen McIntee

This week: Chaz Russel Bratton and Owen McIntee are on the docket for Antony and Cleopatra.

1. How do you prepare a Shakespearean character?

Chaz: Research the time period, people, etc. If the character is based on a real person, research that person. Then, work the arc of the character through the show. Find out what your character is doing while off stage.

Owen: Research, research, research. Take clues from the text and run with them. Seek out input from my directors and fellow actors- they usually know a lot more than I do.

2. What thus far in rehearsal has been helpful? Chaz: Having a director like Katherine is extremely helpful. So is getting to work with actors of such a high caliber.

Owen: The various exercises and text work Katherine supplied for us during the first few weeks of rehearsal were invaluable. Also, the encouragement to keep playing and trying new things has helped my character grow through the entire process.

3. What do you do for fun outside of theatre? Chaz: Watch movies. I’m a huge cinephile.

Owen: I’m into movies, reading, and video games. Other than that I just enjoy spending time with my family, my girlfriend and my buddies!

4. What is your day job? What do you want to be your day job? Chaz: During the show I sold knives and delivered pizzas. I’d love to be able to act as my day job.

Owen:Right now I work on campus at Aquinas as an office assistant. Ideally, the ultimate goal is to be able to support myself financially as an actor. Whatever I end up doing will be fine, so long as I continue to enjoy life.

5. What do you plan to do after this show? Chaz: Keep acting! I’ll probably audition for Pigeon Creek again. Fingers crossed.

Owen: Finish school and graduate in the winter, move to Chicago and learn how to be an adult

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