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The Same 10 Questions We Always Ask

If you've been following this blog for awhile, you'll have noticed a lot of different actors' answers to the these 10 questions. Actors are always welcome to write their posts about whatever topic inspires them, and we like to include entries about all aspects of our productions, from design and tech to language, analysis and history. When they're asked to write for this blog, actors can also chose from a list of prompt questions about their character(s) development and acting process. Just as it's interesting to watch a variety of actors perform the same role, we think it's interesting to see how different actors answer the same basic questions.

Character Questions:

1. Pick three adjectives that describe your (major) character and explain why you chose them.

2. Tell the story of the play from your character’s perspective.

3. What physical/vocal choices have you made for this character and why?

4. What was the last role you played (for Pigeon Creek or any other company)? Describe some key differences between that character and your current character:

5. Imagine someone has asked your character why they should come and see this production. “Sell” the play from your character’s perspective:

Process Questions:

1. What made you want to become an actor? What makes you want to continue being an actor?

2. When creating a Shakespeare character, do you start from the "outside" (voice and physicality) or the "inside" (relationships and motivations)? Why?

3. How do you prepare differently for an ensemble directed production versus a production with a director? (I can’t believe I have to say this but OBVIOUSLY don’t pick this question if you’ve never been in an ensemble directed production)

4. What is your favorite Shakespearean "Original Practice" (audience contact, cross-gendered casting, live music and sound, etc.) and what exactly do you love about it?

5. What is your dream Shakespearean role?

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