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Getting to Know Gabby! Stage Manager of Blue-Eyed Hag.

Hello, My name is Gabby Zeinstra and I am the stage manager for Pigeon Creek Shakespeare company’s world premiere production of Blue Eyed Hag written by Jim Lair Beard. I’m originally from Wyoming, Michigan which is about a ten minute drive from Grand Rapids. I graduated from Aquinas College with a B.A in Theatre with a technical emphasis.

One Thing that I love about Grand Rapids is the rich theater community we share. Some of the companies that I have worked with previously in town are Aquinas College, Circle Theatre, Civic Theatre and Ebony Road Players and now Pigeon Creek! My favorite production that I have done so far is A Year with Frog and Toad with Aquinas college, during this production I assisted in properties design and was in costume set crew on stage as a Squirrel! It was so fun!

In my free time I play Sims or stardew valley, cook and watch movies with my cat and my boyfriend! Some things people may not know about me, I collect funko pops with my boyfriend, I have a whole coffee bar at my house (including an espresso machine) and I love taking care of plants!

Since a young age I have always loved theatre. I was in every production at my school from kindergarten until my junior year when I took regional theatre technology with KCTC. That class awoke my love of technical things and is ultimately what made me decide to go to college in that field. I have stage managed, sound and light board operated and done lots of crew work to get where I am today.

Working with Pigeon Creek has been like no other. Instead of a director like I’m used to from past experience, the cast is the director. It has been refreshing and amazing to watch so many individuals come together with different views and ideas and make a piece of art that is both fun for them to create but also fun to watch! The audience is certainly in for a treat with this production! Get your tickets now to watch Blue Eyed Hag!


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