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In My Mind's Eye with Kate Tubbs

This week, Macbeth cast member Kate Tubbs answers our acting questions.

1. How do you typically go about preparing a Shakespearean character? Many people I know view the complete works of Shakespeare as the bible, and for an actor it is. Text is key and king when playing Shakespearean characters. Speaking, reading and acting Shakespeare can be difficult, because the language adds another layer that an actor must dig through when preparing a role. You simply cannot act Shakespeare if you do not understand the words. Once you understand his Early Modern English you can start to fall back on other acting methods or techniques to develop your character. After that he’s just like any other playwright, and if you find and pick up his clues into your character, you’re well on the way!

2. What do you find to be the most helpful part of PCSC’s standard rehearsal process? This production of Macbeth is my first with PCSC, and our rehearsal process has been much different than PCSC standard. This show is ensemble directed, meaning there is no director. Each cast member is also asked to help direct the show; any decisions or problems must be dealt with by the cast as a whole. I love collaborating with others on almost everything I do; and working so closely with other castmates allows an actor to really fine tune her work. When you receive feedback from a few different people it can seem daunting, but overall it makes for a much more flushed out performance. I’ve really enjoyed our rehearsals so far and it’s been very welcoming to join a cast that wants your feedback and your thoughts on all creative decisions.

3. What do you like to do for fun outside of theatre? I like to meddle in lots of different art forms, including painting, photography, illustration and book making. I love film, literature, music (listening and singing)…anything that is a creative outlet. I also do yoga and love the great outdoors. Camping, hiking, swimming….I’m just kind of a hippie…

4. What is your day job? What do you want to be your day job? In February I started a new job in Brand Communication at Steelcase. I assist the PR team and 360 team (which publishes the quarterly magazine 360) with a little bit of everything, but mostly administrative & support tasks. My dream day job wouldn’t really be a job. I’d love to be able to honestly introduce myself as an artist, someone who survives by creating. My office would be my studio, or wherever I am inspired. My boss would be me and my only deadlines would be the bottom of the page.

5. What theatre plans do you have in the next couple months? Don’t know yet! Anybody know of upcoming auditions?!

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