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In My Mind's Eye with Stephen Wright

Stephen Wright answers our first round of acting questions about the rehearsal process for Measure for Measure.

1) How do you typically go about preparing a Shakesperean character?

The first thing that I do is read the play, then watch a film adaptation or two and read a summary (to make sure I’ve got the story). Then I begin memorizing lines. If I’m unsure about the meaning of a line or a word I look it up on Then I start asking myself questions, questions like, “Who is this person?” “What are his relationships to the other characters?” “What kind of psychological center is this character; head, heart, pelvic, stomach?” “What kind of animal is this character most like?”

One I’ve asked myself a number of these questions I like to get what I am doing on its feet and run it with others. I think that my characters are most fully explored when I’m given the freedom to engage with the other actor and let the character evolve, piece by piece. Getting to this point where I can engage requires a lot of concentration, so honing my concentration is part of this process. “Finding the game”, finding the game that characters play with each other in every scene helps me to build both this concentration and my character.

Along the way I keep asking questions but, essentially, I like to get my character on its feet and play around with the scene.

2) What do you find to be the most helpful part of PCSC’s standard rehearsal process?

I find the suggestions of my fellow actors to be the most helpful part of the rehearsal process. For instance, one actor suggested that I deliver a certain section of text to the audience rather than just to another actor in the scene. This unlocked the whole scene for me and gave me deep insight into my character. This simple suggestion gave me a little spark from which I’ve begun to construct my character.

3) What do you like to do for fun outside of theatre?

Outside of theater I mostly hang out with my girlfriend and watch television. I watch way too much Fringe (which is fantastic) and Star Trek, but enjoy other shows too. I also play guitar, am part of several organizations on Aquinas College’s campus, write plays and poetry, and volunteer at American Model United Nations (among other things).

4) What is your day job? What do you want to be your day job?

I recently gained employment at The Gluten Free Bar, a company that makes gluten free protein bars. In a shift, with others, I’ll help to mix the bars, roll them out in a pan, cut them, store them and package the previous day’s bars. I’ll also attend to general kitchen duties. I really like this job and my co-workers. It’s one of the better one’s I’ve had.

My career plans are a bit sporadic. I want to do many different things and often daydream about them. I know that I want to continue writing plays and that I would like to see them produced. After I graduate from Aquinas College I want to teach abroad, probably in Russia or Taiwan. Someday, even if it is thirty years from now, I’d like to teach Philosophy or another subject at the college level. But beside these things it’s all quite up in the air because I have a lot of different career interests.

5) What theater plans do you have over the next couple months? Over the next couple months I plan to write several plays. Before summer’s end it’s my goal to finish writing first drafts of two ten full length plays, two one acts and a few ten minute plays. I am also considering auditioning for more Pigeon Creek shows!

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