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Character Questions with Jacqueline Frid

Jacqueline Frid (Ross, Fitzwater, Lady, Herald 1) has worked sporadically with Pigeon Creek since 2010, appearing as multiple characters in the Pigeon Creek's Scenes Troop, as well as Slender in The Merry Wives of Windsor. She has since written two parodies for Stark Turn Players.She studied Graphic design in Grand Valley State University, and is a stay at home mom.

List 3 adjectives to describe your main character(s) and why they fit.


Steady - He handles situations with a pretty cool head, and keeps his arguments factual rather than emotional.

Insightful - He sees where things are, where they are going, and clearly understands how they got to be this way, and his own role in the mess of Richard II.

Brave - He's not afraid to take the task at hand, even if it means a fight, or possibly the cost of his own life, especially if he sees it as the right thing to do.


Brash - He speaks his mind, loud, proud, and clearly without regard at times to propriety.

Hot-headed - He is easily angered and moved to argue or challenge others to a fight

Headstrong - He will stick to his argument no matter who opposes him, or the cost of expressing and fighting for his argument.

What physical/vocal choices have you made and why?

Ross: For Ross, I choose to have him physically strong and steady on his feet. His stance is straight and regal, he's seen a lot in the court, and maintains his calm wile analyzing the situations. For vocals, I like to keep his voice steady and calm.

Fitzwater: He's one of the youngest in the court, and I feel he can be very cocky and arrogant. I prefer making him stand in arrogant poses, and usually picture him as a bulldog. He definitely lets his emotions take control of himself, so I try to put as much emotion into his voice as possible.

Imagine someone asked your character why they should come and see this production. "Sell" the play from your character's perspective:

Ross: "Truly, you must come see this production showing the hazards of poor decision making, and to witness how pilling a country with your friends can turn on you. Especially when taking over the estates of we, the nobles. It is a good lesson for all."

Fitzwater: "This show has it all, great emotional scenes, and gages are wonderfully thrown down in challenges over the death of dear Gloucester. A king is even deposed, and I take the heads of two, dangerous traitors. Come for the heartstrings plucked, and the excitement and intrigue!"

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