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Process Questions with Bradley Hamilton

Bradley plays the role of Sebastian in The Tempest. This the second time he's played a Sebastian (previously: Twelfth Night) and the second time he has done a terrible job of comforting a sad king on a beach (previously: Richard II). Here, Bradley offers some insight on the acting process for this very unique "type."

When creating a Shakespeare character, do you start from the "outside" (voice and physicality) or the "inside" (relationships and motivations)? Why?

When I’m creating a Shakespeare character, I generally start from the inside. I start with a blank slate and I pay special attention to any feelings/emotions that arise during my first few read-throughs of the script. Next, I look at all the characters and their relationships to me, how the interact with me, and anything they say about me when I’m not on stage to see how that changes my first impressions. Finding a balance between the two analyses helps create a solid foundation for me to begin character development.

How do you prepare differently for an ensemble directed production versus a production with a director?

In truth, I don’t. My preparation process for a role is the same regardless of whomever is directing. The difference in the two comes in the rehearsal hall, not my homework.

What is your favorite "Original Practice" (audience contact, cross-gendered casting, live music and sound, etc.) and what exactly do you love about it?

I absolutely love the audience contact. In most theatre, the fourth wall rules all. However, the audience has such a large effect on how a particular performance goes due to the energy they bring with them. Being able to interact with them and bring them along on our journey in such a more personal way is something I love about original practices and they way PSCS does theatre.

What is your dream Shakespearean role?

I don’t know if I have a specific role that would be my ideal Shakespearean role, per se. Obviously, I would love the opportunity to play one of the “big” Shakespeare roles: Hamlet, Romeo, Macbeth. However, in terms of a dream production, I would absolutely LOVE the opportunity to have a role in Titus Andronicus.

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