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Meet the Cast of Cymbeline: Caius Lucius

1) Where are you from?

Not the easiest question for me to answer! I was born in Grand Rapids then moved with my family to England for all four years of high school. I went to college back in Grand Rapids where I met my husband immediately after graduation we got married and moved down to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (where he is from) for five years and now back living on the West Side of Grand Rapids. 2) Where did you study acting? All of my theater training, apart from one formative college class, has come as a result of my participation in different theatre companies and working under a large variety of directors. I was part of a youth drama troupe in England, then a couple of different companies in the Dominican Republic, then a variety of theaters in the Grand Rapids area. 3) What theaters have you worked with? In Santo Domingo, I worked with Teatro Efusión and THEAMUS Theatro Musicál for multiple productions, in multiple venues including the National Theater. In West Michigan, I have worked quite a bit with Master Arts Theater, and also have done shows with Jewish Theatre Grand Rapids, Ebony Road Players, Heritage Theater, and now Pigeon Creek! I have been privileged to participate as an actor, singer, director, and costumer.

4) Describe a favorite role/production: One of my favorite roles has to be Alma Stossel in The Christmas Schooner. It was a role I immediately felt a kinship to at the audition, but still had to work at quite a bit as it was the most demanding role (in terms of number of lines, etc.) that I had had up to that point. The show music was beautiful and the human interaction was convincing and covered the spectrum (made people laugh and cry). What I have also come to appreciate after the fact, is how strong of a female character Alma was in contrast to many underdeveloped women's roles in other shows.

5) What do you do in your free time? Haha, well, coming off being involved in 3 shows at once, as well as being a parent to 2 little people, a volunteer in my church, and a childbirth worker, my “free” time has been limited! When I do have it, I love to solve the world's’ problems with my friends and family, play table games, read, travel, explore all kinds of foods, and shop at thrift stores.

6) Share three fun facts about yourself: I am a doula, which is a coach/companion for women and their partners in the childbearing year, including birth. So talking about placentas and breastfeeding is normal for me!

I once fell head first, backwards into an orchestra pit. I got up with only a sore neck, but now I count it as a miracle.

I have tried to learn many instruments, but since I don’t like to practice I have failed at each one.

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