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An Intriguing Invitation: Seraphina Zorn

A cordial invitation to the characters of the play. If your names be

Marcellus, Player Queen, Sailer and Fortinbras as I am let to know it



We are extending an invitation to you as a Liegemen to the Dane to attend the highly anticipated performance of Hamlet by the Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company. It is a fine production fit for Noblemen, Scholars and soldiers alike. You shall find it most conveniently on the date of March 30 at the Frauenthal Center in Muskegon 7:30pm. Please leave any partisans at home upon attending.

Farewell, honest soldier

The Pigeon Creek Shakespeare Company

To The Player Queen

‘Your ladyship is invited to attend, If thy time is given for the weekend, At The Dog Story Theater for a play,

Of most entertaining events to display, Come and enjoy this story of old,

As these Players of like kind unfold, The Tragedy of the Denmark Dane, Hamlet,’

Dates: April 6,7, 13, and 14 at 8pm.

April 8 and 15 3pm.

To the Sailer

A letter for you sir. For a… sailer. Cordially invited to attend the presentation of a play after being such thieves of mercy. Payment for the return of the Dane. Because everyone loves plays.


The Ambassador that was bound for England

To Fortinbras Craves

We are aware that you believe part of this play rightly belongs to you and had every intent to crash it anyways. So instead we would like to invite you, as given by the voice of Hamlet. We understand that you do come far away, however, and it is perfectly acceptable if you come late. We expect that you will gladly claim your vantage that now invites you.

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