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From The Earl's Eyes, To Your Ears

I am playing the role of the Earl of Warwick in Pigeon Creek’s upcoming production of Henry VI. This production will be unique in that Shakespeare wrote the Henry VI chronicles in three plays covering the Wars of the Roses (1455-1487). He wrote it in three parts because the wars over the rightful ruler caused several episodes of unrest. My character (Warwick) finds himself in troubling situations and struggles with loyalty and honor when all around him are not.

Henry VI, heir to Agincourt fame, is far less than the promise of his father. Claimed land in France that was won by his father is being mismanaged and Henry VI had no direct issue. Two primary claimants arise; the Duke of York, and the Duke of Somerset. Warwick claims allegiance to the Duke of York in Part One, so long as York remains alive.

Unfortunately, York is slain in a battle. His eldest son, Edward, assumes both his father’s title and his alleged claim to the throne. In succeeding battles, Henry VI is captured, and Edward takes the crown. Warwick is sent to France to broker a marriage to regain the French territory. While there, Edward decides to marry a widow thus embarrassing Warwick in his mission. He decides Edward is not worthy to be King, and sides with Henry. He attempts to install Edwards younger brother George, Duke of Clarence as heir. Also, he attempts to solidify his position by marrying George to his daughter.

Much to his dismay, his forces are defeated by Edward’s, and as they close in on him, Clarence changes sides back to his brother, leaving Warwick abandoned. He bravely meets Edward’s forces in battle, and is killed.

This is a monumental undertaking for Pigeon Creek. The story is complete and the players are bringing it to life. I look forward to being part of it and presenting it to you all.

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